Higgins Park

Loggers Association

The Loggers Association have finished refurbishing a steam powered Skyline Logging winch with its inaugural outing on Sunday, March 7th 2010.

The loggers also show how logging was done in early years as well as chain saw demonstrations and chocker racing.

What is Chocker Racing?

You drag a length of wire rope along a course, put a fitting on it to form a slip knot, run back down the course wrapping it around a log, pull it tight and hook it to a tractor before running back to the finish line.

The Loggers Association King of the Forest Field Day 2010

The following pictures show highlights from the recent King of the Forest Field Day, including World Champion Axeman Jason Wynyard and his racing saw. Powered by 1/2 of a snowmobile motor with a chainspeed of 275 kilometres per hour.

For more about Jason visit his website jasonwynyard.com